AspenClean Product Photography


With the desire to move into mainstream supermarkets, AspenClean sought to redesign their brand to reflect the all natural and safe attributes of their products. We were tasked with creating product images that reflected these values.


Since the rebrand, AspenClean’s products can be seen at Walmart, Choices, SPUD, Well, and more! The images were used on their new website, and as advertising on their fleet of cars


Their existing product photography had been done in-house by an employee with some photography experience. Colours were slightly off, there was distracting reflections, and it was too dark or too bright. When trying to stand out on crowded shelves they realized they weren't hitting the mark.

Original in-house photography

Updated product photography by Highlighter

When picking vendors for their rebrand, AspenClean was working with large UK branding firm, Slice, who had been in business for over a decade with clients like Cadbury and Activia. Consequently, when we offered to handle their new product photography, they were hesitant to work with a smaller company. However, as a smaller company, we're able to provide a more personal approach.

We put extra care into making sure we understood AspenClean's vision by creating sample images and previews using a mix of 3D software and photography in our previsualization process — this collaborative approach allowed us to nail the wow factor that AspenClean needed to move into mainstream supermarkets. 

Mock-Up by Client

Previsualization by Highlighter

Image by Client

We recommended the images be displayed on an off-white background to ensure the crisp clean white product packaging would really pop, but also made sure that when displayed on a white background the products wouldn’t get lost. This was especially important as the images would be used as advertising on their new fleet of white cars.

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Winning Industry Awards
Kim Crawford Wines: Love All, Love Kim
Winning Industry Awards
Kim Crawford Wines: Love All, Love Kim
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